Commercial Solar Power Systems

For commercial solar-panel systems, SunPower Solar can provide the best and most versatile renewable energy solutions. All of our solar systems are customized and designed specifically to fit your needs; our installation services are quality assured. We offer:

  • Tier 1 solar products
  • Professional commercial solar installations
  • Warranties covering the lifetime of the system (25 to 30 years)
  • The best variety in panels and inverters
  • Commercial solar solutions designed to provide the highest return on investment


SunPower Offers Variety

With options for both grid-tied and off-grid locations customised to suit energy needs, as well as providing the best in aesthetic designs, our selection of quality panels and inverters makes SunPower Solar the best choice in commercial solar panel systems. Not only will a custom designed solar system help to cut costs on energy, it also will provide the best option for a business to run on a clean, renewable source of energy. Possible applications for commercial solar installations include, but are not limited to:

  • Hotels, Wineries, Orchards, Breweries
  • Swimming pools and sports centres
  • Food processing plants, Manufacturing plants
  • Small and local businesses

Commercial evacuated tube solar hot water system 

Sunpower solar provides the best quality hot water tube systems in the world.  As a Kingspan Accredited installer we use only Kingspan products made in Ireland  instead of lower quality mass produced tubes from other countries.  Kingspan operates uniquely at 130 degrees Celsius for a longer lasting more efficient system and is the only company that provides temperature limiting devices to reduce static damage that occurs from the cheaper products that operate without temperature limiting and reach dangerously high temperatures of 250 to 290 degrees celsius when static that causes damage to the equipment..

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