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Unlike many of our competitors, our Solar only background  gives us a broad, synergistic view of solar power technology.  We offer our clients complete, cohesive solar power solutions unmatched throughout New Zealand.

We are based in Nelson and offer our services New Zealand wide. At SunPower Solar we strive to remain competitively priced while offering our customers only the highest quality Tier 1 products and services, and we aim to consistently deliver designs and estimates on appointment without delays. Unlike many solar power companies in New Zealand who use sub-contractors for their installations, we use our own in-house team.

What’s more, at SunPower Solar we aren’t limited to a specific market or function, as we have experience in commercial, residential and rural installations and are equipped to provide installations for both on-grid and off-grid properties.  This means we can offer a comprehensive range of inverters and solar panels with 10 to 25 year warranties. We only use the highest-quality products specifically for this reason, stocking from best-in-class suppliers.   SunPower Solar will continually lead the way to a bright future.

Indeed, our motto here at SunPower Solar is to “GET THE JOB DONE RIGHT THE FIRST TIME”, and we pride ourselves on providing quality products and services. In addition, since we use top ranking Tier 1 panels, if we diagnose you have a panel failing the linear output warranty we will replace the panel for you and deal with the manufacturer we buy from ourselves. Yes we are backed by manufacturers warranties but ultimately your warranty is with SunPower Solar and we aim to make your solar experience as easy as possible.

Sunpower Solar are associated with companies that adhere to the highest standards:

To get the best idea of how SunPower Solar delivers superior value in home or commercial solar power products and installations, please explore our website more fully, then ask us for a free quote by emailing us via our Contact Us page

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